Negombo clinic resources for participants

Participants of the recent communications for policy influence clinic in Negombo can find the full set of presentations, handouts and resources here. Videos are also now available.


Video footage from Rome clinic now available

Interviews with participants of the communications for policy influence clinic in Rome can be viewed here. You will also find all presentations, handouts and resources from the clinic.


Policy Influence Plan tutorial


Navigate the maze of complexity

The availability of rigorous evaluations and evidence is necessary but not sufficient to ensure sound policy decisions. Many more factors need to be in place for the evidence to translate into policy action. There are many examples where a programme was shown to have no impacts and was nevertheless expanded, or cases where the programme was shown to have positive impacts but was terminated. How do we ensure that evidence and recommendations of the evaluation are acted upon?

Ongoing communications throughout the evaluation process and dissemination of preliminary findings to key policy influencers is critical to help promote the uptake of the study findings and influence policy. 3ie encourages funded research teams to move beyond dissemination and undertake activities during and after the research is conducted to engage policymakers and policy influencers and increase the likelihood that the research will inform policies.

The first requirement is to submit a Policy Influence Plan, which identifies what changes  in attitude, discourse, procedures, policy content or legislation, or behaviours, and which key policy stakeholders or champions (policymakers, media, civil society organizations, professional associations and trade unions, religious groups etc.) they are targeting. This plan is a condition for the first disbursement of the grant.

For each reporting cycle, grantees are also requested to report on their policy influence activities and provide evidence of their policy engagement, which can be in the form of minutes of meetings, a letter of endorsement, partnership agreement, email from stakeholders, participants’ list and other related documentation.

This tutorial provides useful tools, guidelines and examples to help you plan your stakeholder engagement. Like any strategy, this is a living and active document that needs to be adapted as the context and people's attitudes shift. We would encourage you to provide feedback and share your experience at:

Pablo Stansbery of Save the Children talks about the networks used to leverage influence and achieve a great policy impact through their impact evaluation with the World Bank.


  1. Context
  2. Risks
  3. Policy Objectives
  4. Stakeholder Analysis
  5. Key Influencers
  6. Theory of Change
  7. Engagement Plan
  8. Budget
  9. Evaluation and Learning


The Policy Influence Plan template is available to download in .doc format.