Negombo clinic resources for participants

Participants of the recent communications for policy influence clinic in Negombo can find the full set of presentations, handouts and resources here. Videos are also now available.


Video footage from Rome clinic now available

Interviews with participants of the communications for policy influence clinic in Rome can be viewed here. You will also find all presentations, handouts and resources from the clinic.


7. Stakeholder engagement plan


This step is about planning the appropriate channels, activities and timeline where the team will be engaging with relevant stakeholders throughout the evaluation process. Done well, it will lay out a pathway through which your evidence will be incorporated into policy decisions.

The plan should clearly identify the roles of each stakeholder in policymaking or influencing and include specific timeline and map opportunities for engagement. These could be regular meetings organised by the research team or existing fora and platforms such as working group/ interest group meetings or sectoral events. Instead of organizing workshop in each ministry, you may find it more effective to piggy back on existing events and engage in a specific working group within ministries or other networks.

The plan should also determine when you expect to produce some dissemination products (i.e policy notes, blogs, opeds) and activities (i.e media outreach, dissemination workshops, presentations..)

You should avoid listing many generic channels and approaches such as “targeted meetings with key policymakers”. It is important to include specifics and identify opportunities and milestones. You will be requested to report progress on those activities and provide supporting documents including list of participants to workshop, key takeaways or follow-up plans from meetings, presentations, and other knowledge products.


1) Vocational Education in Kenya:  A Randomized Evaluation

The plan also outlines an ambitious media outreach component targeting specific business media programmes such as: NPR’s marketpace, Forbes, Nation TV and Citizen TV Africa.

2) The impact of mother literacy and participation programs on child learning

The plan shows how the team is very strategically using capacity building for policy influencing and was able to get the political buy in of the Bihar Government by engaging with them right from the designing phase of the study.